John Borofka founded Poros in 2014 to make products for the realities of today's modern life.  Inspired by a slightly different problem of having to remember to pack and repack a charger and cables for overnight trips between San Francisco and San Jose, the thought came, 'wouldn't it be great if the cables just lived there?'  And hey, what if they could charge your devices as you went about your day?  Build it into a quality bag that looks good, are proud to call your own and leaves enough money in your pocket for the upcoming guys trip?   That's something I want. 


Prior to Poros, John was CFO of Zero Motorcycles for five years focusing on growing the electric motorcycle company from a small startup to the world's leading electric motorcycle company.  Before joining Zero, John cut his business teeth at the Boston Consulting Group's Chicago office (BCG) after graduating from Duke University with an engineering degree.