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We believe in building quality products and making them available to customers at an unbeatable price.


Full grain leather, robust hardware, stylish finishes.  All available to consumers at previously unreachable price points.  



  • I really enjoyed using my Poros and look forward to keeping it as my primary bag for a long time to come - it really is a pleasure to use (and receives a lot of positive attention!)
    — Patrick O, Chicago
  • It's very well made. The leather is firm but flexible and the zippers are really smooth. I'm really impressed and have been recommending it to coworkers and clients.
    — Greg S, Washington, DC.
  • I bought the Cedar a couple of weeks ago since my previous laptop bag went bad, and I love it!
    — Sid N, Seattle
  • Man- this bag is great! I brought it to work today and received multiple compliments (even before they knew about the technology!).
    — Kody K, Houston