Your days are full of challenges.  Deciding on a bag doesn't need to be one of them.


It's time your bag caught up to your lifestyle.  A Poros delivers simplicity and peace of mind by offering seamless charging for all your mobile devices.

Life is Better with a Poros
  1. You'll never be stranded trying to order an Uber with a fading battery
  2. Navigate freely with power hungry GPS apps.  You've got all the power you need.
  3. No need to stash chargers at your desk, car, and home.  Your bag has you covered.
  4. You won't miss a call, text or snap with a dead phone.
  5. Arrived at your destination and realized you forgot your charger?  Never again- your bag has you covered.
  6. Skip the airport plug huddle and outlet hunting.  Every seat at the boarding gate has an outlet with your Poros.
  7. Your Poros's functional yet sleek profile will securely carry your laptop, iPad, phone, and notebook
  8. While your fellow passengers may be digging out cables from their carryon and searching for the finicky plugs under the seat, you're simply charging with your Poros
  9. Skip having to leave your phone next to the charger while you go about your day.  Your phone is as close as your want it with a Poros.
  10. Go about your modern life with a bag that reflects your style.



A Poros is a great value.  Purchasing one is a smart decision (at least that's what we think).

We are always thinking about you, the Poros owner, as we design our bags.  We mate solid technology with quality materials to create a Poros that you will be proud to own and pleased to use.  All of our products go through final assembly and quality control at our Seattle headquarters.  We work closely with our suppliers to ensure each bag looks great, performs well and delivers value.



Daily trips to the office or weekly escapes beyond the city, a Poros is your trusty companion, reflecting your style and keeping up with your life.  Show us where your adventures take you with your #Poros