Poros is designed for simplicity


A complete battery system is integrated into each Poros bag for seamless charging on the go.


Simply plug in your mobile device, press the button on the Poros Board, and your device begins charging.


The Poros bag will fully charge your smartphone or tablet multiple times while on the go.  See the chart for details on the number of charges for various devices.


The easy to read lights will indicate the state of charge of your Poros, and charging the bag is easy via the integrated, on-board charger.


Free of cables to remember.  Free of searching for outlets on the go.  Free of low battery anxiety. 



Count of device charges


Time to charge phone

Time to charge bag

Longevity of cell

10,000 mAh

Smartphones 4-6 full charges, Tablets 2 charges

Nearly all smartphones and tablets

Typically 1-2 hours

10 hours to fully charge bag from empty.  1-2 hours to top off.

Over 500 complete cycles (over 2500 full phone charges)