Partnered with Poros

We are proud of our suppliers and work closely with them on producing the components that go into our products.  After designing a product at Poros, we partner with our suppliers on bringing the design to life .  We visit each facility that produces a Poros product, validating the processes to ensure the skilled workmanship and quality standards expected of a Poros product will be met.  And getting to know our suppliers over a bowl of steaming, spicy tofu or cool evening drinks is nearly as enjoyable as designing the products themselves. 

Leather bag stock supplier

Nylon and cotton bag stock supplier

Electronics supplier



Jacky spends a good portion of his year traveling to leather markets in the US in New York, Omaha and Texas to purchase rawhides.  He and his colleagues are passionate about transforming these rawhides into beautiful leather that is a delight to see, touch and smell.  Their in-house prototyping and manufacturing operations turn the leather, metal hardware and fabric into the foundation for a Poros.



Leaf and Catherine take bags and the materials they are made from seriously. A smaller operation by many standards, these two ladies and their co-workers work amongst piles of fabric swatches and binders of hardware samples.  Never shy of adding their own styling opinion, Poros is proud to partner with such an ambitious outfit.



Not all lithium-ion cells are made equally, and this is one of the groups that prides themselves on producing a cell above the mode.  R&D focused with an impressive operations group to boot, Poros's cell supplier, with the help of Alice and Bluce, takes safety, specifications and performance seriously.  


Seattle operations

We receive the various components from our suppliers at our Seattle, Washington operations.  Here we inspect the incoming materials, build up the sub-assemblies for the electronics, and assemble the final product.  Of course it's not a Poros until each final product is again inspected to ensure all the styling elements are faithful to the design, and all the electronics are rock-solid. At that point, we are proud the label the product complete, and send it to our waiting customers for years of delightful companionship as the owner's favorite bag.  At least that is what we dream.