Poros Press Kit

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Fact Sheet

Headquarters: In the heart of Seattle's Pioneer Square at 600 1st Ave, Suite 205, Seattle, Washington.

Founding date:  2014

First product shipping date:  August 2015

Website: porosbags.com

Press contact: john@porosbags.com


Introduction to Company

Poros designs men's luggage that is built for today's connected world. Each bag seamlessly incorporates a compact yet robust mobile charging system, allowing users to stay connected as they go about their travels.

The bar is set high at Poros.  First and foremost, each product is designed to be a stylish, functional and durable bag, skillfully constructed of quality materials. From here, an elegantly packaged and simple to use power system is integrated that allows multiple recharges of users' smartphones and tablets. Be it sitting on the train during the daily commute, or at the boarding gate ready for a weekend getaway, the days of low battery worries or searching for an outlet are over.

Why Poros is relevant:

Technology for the way we live today - smartphones and tablets allow us to do amazing things, and they are a constant part of modern life.  But they have their limitations including low batteries which make ordering that car, pulling up the GPS or checking in with a friend a challenge (31% of mobile users report their phone battery dies daily, and 47% report this happens at least weekly).  For much of our lives, we travel and commute with a bag at our side.  Doesn't it make sense to know that we will have abundant power to keep our mobile devices going without having to worry about finding an outlet, or remembering to bring along a charger or special cords?  Each Poros product does exactly this.  Seamlessly.  

Quality, stylish bags first - while we use innovative technology in each Poros product, we built Poros beginning with the concept that the products need to be fantastic bags at its core.   Each Poros is skillfully constructed of quality materials including full grain leather, ballistic nylon fabrics and gunmetal hardware to create a product designed to delight.

Modern selling method - we believe today's customers are comfortable browsing and purchasing online.  While brick and mortar retail establishments have their benefits, we believe we can deliver superior customer value by removing a significant amount of the traditional 30-45% retailer margin, and putting the savings towards lower consumer price points and investments in the product.  

Real product available now - Poros isn't a concept or a crowdfunding project.  We are a company that is shipping products today from our busy facility in Seattle to savvy travelers and commuters throughout the US.



John Borofka founded Poros in 2014 to make products for the realities of today's modern life.  Inspired by a slightly different problem of having to remember to pack and repack a charger and cables for overnight trips between San Francisco and San Jose, the thought came, 'wouldn't it be great if the cables just lived there?'  And hey, what if they could charge your devices as you went about your day?  Build it into a quality bag that looks good, are proud to call your own and leaves enough money in your pocket for the upcoming guys trip?   That's something I want. 

Prior to Poros, John was CFO of Zero Motorcycles for five years focusing on growing the electric motorcycle company from a small startup to the world's leading electric motorcycle company.  Before joining Zero, John cut his business teeth at the Boston Consulting Group's Chicago office (BCG) after graduating from Duke University with an engineering degree.


Product Descriptions

See Alder

See Birch

See Cedar


Product Photos


Alder Ballistic Nylon Briefcase

Alder Quarter Right.jpg

Alder Ballistic Nylon Briefcase

Alder Detail

Alder Internal Detail


Birch Ballistic Nylon Weekender

Birch Ballistic Nylon Weekender

Birch Ballistic Nylon Weekender


Cedar Leather Briefcase

Cedar Leather Briefcase

Cedar Leather Briefcase

Cedar Quarter Right.jpg

Cedar Leather Briefcase



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